Web Addons

Upgrade your website with a host of powerful add-ons that will grow your business.

Web Addons

Upgrade your website with a host of powerful add-ons that will grow your business.

Business Solutions

Accounting Integration

Accounting is flexible enough to accommodate all types of sales transactions.

Booking Integration

A  booking add-on makes it easy for your clients to book an appointment or a reservation on your site.

CRM Integration

Real-time integration between your website and CRM to ensure lead capture directly into your CRM solution.

HRM Integration

HRM has a very important facilitative and strategic role in organizational success.

Project Management

Manage, track and bill for your projects with task management, messaging, file storage and more.

Domains and Email

Domain Name Selection

We will help to select the right domain name to match your business.

Domain Purchase / Transfer

Need a Domain Name? Get support for transferring the domain name.

SMTP Mail Server

Securely connect your website with a mail server to deliver emails.

Images and Design

Image Editing

To provide awesome slides & product photos for websites of our clients and help them increase the customer experience.

Image Optimization

62% of today’s Internet traffic is made up of images. Optimize them with infovict and save both money and time.

Landing Page Design

Do you need a specialized landing page designed for a product launch or special advertisement?

SEO and Analytics

Google Analytics Integration

If you are looking for a powerful tool, which can help you monitor your website traffic, this is the right service for you.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster’s service includes webmaster’s account, site verification, sitemap submission, and reporting.

Google Tag Manager

Manage your marketing & analytics tags more effectively with Google Tag Manager consultancy from Infovict.

Sitemap Generation

By purchasing this service, you ensure that all crawling search engines will be informed of your website’s content in terms of links.

User Behavior Tracking

User behavior gives you insight into how your website visitors act, think, and make decisions.